We work with local builders and private clients to provide beams and steel frameworks. From a single steel beam for your house to a large steel framework we have the machinery and expertise to help you with your project. 


We deal with engine repairs and farm machinery of all shapes and sizes. We are equipped to help you with any kind of metal work repairs such as horsebox, lorries and trailers, using our MIG, TIG and MMA welding machines.


Whether its a full scale project or you just need a piece of metal cutting in a hurry we are here to help. We enjoy a challenge and working with metal is our passion.  Over the years we have been involved in many interesting projects such as a kids ‘spider mountain’, starting stalls for the racing industry and many more. We are also more than happy to mend your shovel handle or build you a trailer or a garden pergola- whatever you need we will work with you to design and bring your idea to life. Please browse the gallery to see examples of our latest exciting projects and phone our friendly team for a quote.

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